Meniscus Tear Alternative to Surgery with Stem Cells and PRP

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The meniscus, a portion of the knee cartilage that helps protect the area from damage by absorbing shock, is commonly injured when people are very active or athletic. However, meniscus injuries can also be very debilitating, negatively impacting athletic careers or everyday mobility. Fortunately, medical advances in stem cell and PRP therapy offer new hope in the form of these alternative meniscus injury treatments.

Stem cell therapy allows the human body to regenerate damaged tissue and repair itself, while PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy helps torn cartilage and tendons heal from within. Both may also provide a considerable amount of pain relief while the meniscus heals, permitting easier movement while the knee is on the mend.

MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine provides stem cell and prp therapy for alternative meniscus injury repair. For more information about how our services may be able to help, contact us or visit our website.

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