MetroMD Offers the Best Lip Injections to Malibu Residents

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MetroMD Offers the Best Lip Injections to Malibu Residents

The lips are a central feature of your face. They are the focus of every kiss, every kind word and every confident word you speak. Attractive lips are all about their contour, volume and the ratio between the fullness of the upper and lower lips. The most beautiful lips are ones that have a harmonious appearance in relation to the rest of your face. As we get older, keeping lips looking their best is all about eliminating wrinkles around the mouth and jaw areas.

We offer the best lip injections available to Malibu residents because they know how much a shapely and sensuous lip can affect self-confidence and attract an admiring gaze. And what better way to frame perfectly straight white teeth than with gorgeous and full lips.

Malibu residents, your lips are important in both form and function, and we would like to help you improve them in any way we can.

Our Approach to Lip Augmentation

At MetroMD, our approach is subtle, utilizing the natural shape of your mouth to enhance your lips in a way that is tasteful and natural. We never over-correct or overfill a lip. And our fluent knowledge of fillers ensures that all patients are able to get the information they need and the results they want.

Because the lips are just one element of an overall rejuvination process, we will sometimes recommend that our patients combines lip augmentation with other treatments, such as cosmetic fillers or more permanent procedures to eliminate wrinkles around the mouth and jaw areas.

Our preference is to use fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm to create genuine-looking lips that maintain their natural look soft feel. Whatever your situation, our doctors will work with you to determine the most beneficial treatment available.

Our expertise in lip injection technologies and aesthetics makes us among the top lip injection experts in Malibu. We work with you to establish a plan, ensuring that each step taken to enhance the natural beauty that is already present in your face.

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