Naturopathic Medicine in West Hollywood

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At MetroMD we have taken a naturopathic approach emphasizes the need to look at the whole person when creating a treatment plan. Not only do we focus on physical and nutritional aspects, but environmental, social, emotional, and lifestyle as well. By taking the time to create a natural, individualized plan that works with your lifestyle, results are proven effective and long-lasting.

Natural Medicine is the diagnosis and treatment of human disorders using natural methods. This may include healthy recipes, natural products, and more. The basis of natural medicine is to restore the balance of good health for an overall better quality of life.

Our goal as practitioners should never be to suppress symptoms but instead to ask the question. Why is the body creating this disease and how do we work with it to achieve a higher vibration of health. We look for doctors who speak this language. To learn more or to set up a consult with one of our doctors reach us at 323-285-5300.

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