Los Angeles based PRP and Microneedling the Safer Alternative!

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Many of our patients ask us if they can get botox or filler while pregnant or breastfeeding? The answer is always no! We definitely do not recommend this as we do not want to risk having any effects on the fetus as there is no conclusive evidence to show that the substances used in fillers or botox will not cross the blood-brain between the mother and baby systemic. For this reason, we do not perform or recommend any fillers or neuromodulators for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or are planning a pregnancy. However, we do have alternative safe treatments that have no effect on the fetus. The PRP with Microneedling treatment is a natural method of collagen production and helps reduce fine lines. The PRP uses plasma rich platelets taken from your blood and applies them as growth factors to the area of treatment. These growth factors have shown to regenerate tissue, skin and hair follicles. Additionally, the PRP and Microneedling treatment can be applied with Vitamin C and Stem Cell plant-based serums. This is a great alternative for anyone who is pregnant for planning on having a child. PRP and Microneedling are both great natural alternatives to Fillers/Botox!

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