PRP Injection FaceLift in Los Angeles

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are becoming quite popular as a treatment for wrinkles. Called the “Bloody Facelift,” PRP injections employ plasma isolated from your own blood to help restore a youthful appearance to one’s face.

The innovative process is based on a very simple concept. Mainly, the platelets are utilized to stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen, of course, is known for its ability to eliminate wrinkles, dark circles, and other problems the skin might experience due to the natural process of aging. Once collagen stimulation begins, the hands of time can start turning backwards as wrinkles and other skin related elasticity woes start to diminish.

For those not familiar with biology, platelets can be described in laymen’s terms as cells found in the blood that serve the purpose of healing tissue. Delivered via injections to trouble spots on the face, PRP ends up stimulating a combination of collagen and tissue restoration.

PRP is completely natural and comes from the body itself. Those who have concerns over foreign substances entering their system need not worry about such things when undergoing PRP therapy. Certainly, the process is far less invasive than cosmetic surgery procedures. Truth be told, PRP injections are also far less costly.

Anyone with serious concerns about wrinkles should definitely look into PRP therapy options. The injections may very well be the long sought after secret to regaining youth.


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