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The revolutionary procedures that have promoted healing in professional athletes have also been used on animals, who have reaped the same benefits. As a minimally invasive procedure, Stem Cell Therapy has proved to be an effective route to heal injured animals. Realistically, all living things, from plants to animals to humans, contain stem cells; thus, all living things are susceptible to Stem Cell Therapy. Recently, a chimpanzee, a Bengal tiger, and a German shepherd have received the therapy.

At the Save-the-Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Angie the Chimp received Stem Cell Therapy in order to heal a torn ACL in her right knee. The procedure used Angie’s own animal fat from her abdomen to obtain stem cells that would then be injected into her problem knee. The fat was centrifuged, isolating stem and regenerative cells; the stem cells were then used for the chimp’s treatment. Inflammation was halted, growth was prompted, and healing took place. Improvements were seen in both the chimp’s mobility and pain level. Revolutionary, this was the first time this procedure has been used on a chimp. In the future, the Save-the-Chimps sanctuary will pursue the same treatment for some of the other animals at the sanctuary.

In Mexico, a Bengal tigers life was saved due to the Stem Cell Therapy. The tiger was hit with rubble during a hurricane, resulting in extremely limited mobility; the tiger had to move around on his belly, a condition called euthanasia. Stem cells were re-administered into the tiger’s problem areas, namely the knees and hips. After going through the Stem Cell procedure, the tiger can now run around effortlessly and survive in the wild. His quality of life and mobility both improved immensely, as he gained 50 pounds after the therapy. Ingeron, a Houston-based company, is to credit for healing this tiger; the company has pioneered new methods of this type of therapy, helping different species of animals and ultimately opening the doors to the use of Stem Cell Therapy on all species.

Household pets are also recipients of Stem Cell Therapy, most commonly dogs and horses. Blue, a 3 and a half-year-old German shepherd, was suffering from hip dysplasia, where a complete hip replacement and six months of recovery seemed like the only plausible cure. Her vet, however, recommended Stem Cell Therapy that would ultimately help Blue’s hip repair itself. Fat was extracted from Blues abdomen and put in a centrifuge, where stem cells were then obtained. They were injected into the dogs failing hip and results were immediately seen only 36 hours later. For dogs, cats, and horses alike, Stem Cell treatments allow the animals to get off pain and anti-inflammatory drugs. Adult animal stem cell technology uses the pet’s own regenerative healing power to treat their suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint injuries.

Overall, the healing effects of Stem Cell Therapy have been witnessed all around the world, through many walks of life. The success seen in animals, both wild and domestic, gives hope to the future success of this therapy in humans. As these procedures show benefits they are then implemented to the human model.  Animals like these allow medicine to advance not only in the veterinary world but brings a new and powerful tool to heal humans as well. Stem cells across the board allow organisms a new biological medicine to promote natural healing.

 Copyright © 2012 Alex Martin MD & Francesca Coxe, Los Angeles. Edited by Devin Stone


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