Stem Cell Therapy Now in Pasadena CA

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MetroMD is proud to announce we are going to be opening another location in Pasadena CA. This new location will allow more people access to stem cell therapy in Southern California. MetroMD is going to bring its treatments to Pasadena CA and with this stem cell therapy will now be in Pasadena.

Stem Cell Therapy Now in Pasadena CA will allow members of the San Gabriel Valley cellular medicine care. Stem Cell therapy allows patients the ability stem cell therapy to regenerate joints, restore hair loss, and rejuvenate skin. These simple procedures naturally restore and regrow tissue.
Stem Cells from bone marrow and amniotic tissue are used to regenerate damaged tissues. Simply injecting these cells in areas of trauma we can restore its function. However, it takes an expert. Luckily MetroMD will be overseeing the operations at their new clinic in Pasadena. This means the expertise of a physician that has performed over 1000 cellular procedures will be seeing patients in Pasadena.

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