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Running (or for the majority of the population, jogging) as a form of exercise puts an extreme amount of force on joints and muscles. With the entire body working as one to effectively perform the running motion, all muscles are susceptible to injury. Specifically, the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, hip flexors, and calf muscles are the primary muscles used and the most prone to pulls or tears. Proper warm up and stretching, however, can help prevent injuries. But if all fails new advances in stem cell therapy and PRP therapy can effectively treat these tragedies.

This past week, the US Olympic Track and Field Trials have been taking place in Oregon. Three Olympic hopefuls have sustained injuries during their preparation for the Trials, but with the help of Stem Cell Therapy, their dreams were kept alive. Because athletic injuries need an adequate blood flow to promote and ensure healing, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy allows the body to heal at an accelerated rate.

Kellie Wells, an Olympic 100m hurdler, just qualified for the 2012 Olympic games in London. Her road to the Trials was not easy. In 2008, she could not compete in the US Olympic Trial finals because of a hamstring tear. And while preparing to make a comeback at the Olympics this year, she sustained an injury to her lower back just weeks before the Trials. After intense physical therapy showed no improvement to her condition, Wells sought out the same procedure Tiger Woods and Hines Ward underwent: Stem Cell Therapy. Blood was taken from one of her veins and spun in a centrifuge so the different types of blood cells could be separated; the platelet-rich portion of the blood was then injected into her lower back. Following this therapy, Wells was in full form at the Trials this past week, earning a spot on the USA Olympic team. She will be competing for Team USA in London.

Damu Cherry, a specialist in the women’s 110m hurdles, took fourth place in the 2008 Beijing Olympics; she was hoping for the possibility of redemption in the 2012 London Olympics, but injury ruled her out of the Trials. Cherry suffered an injury to her Achilles tendon, preventing her from peak performance. Because physical therapy was not helping, Cherry received Stem Cell Therapy with an injection to her injured Achilles and within weeks, she was training in Orlando with twenty-five other Olympic hopefuls. Cherry is now preparing for the upcoming Nationals, where she is expected to medal.

Antonette Carter, a four-time All-American and record holder, sought out regenerative medicine and PRP therapy for her chronic Achilles tendonitis and retrocalcaneal bursitis. Carter, a strong contender for making the Olympic team, runs the 100m and 200m dash. Over a four-week period, she received Stem Cell Therapy to decrease pain, promote healing, and increase range of motion in her injured ankle. After the therapy, she was running her season best and was completely pain free. Because she finished the therapy only one month before Trials, Carter was not able to match her personal best times and decided to forego the Trials. The PRP, however, allowed her to completely heal and prepare for track meets in the near future.

While not all three US athletes earned spots on the Olympic Team, they all reaped the benefits of Stem Cell Therapy. Prohibited from running due to injury, these ladies sought out the field of regenerative medicine as their road to recovery. All three women recovered from their injuries, but only one was in full form and a realistic contender for making the US Olympic Team- and she did. Along with countless MLB and NBA players, these track and field athletes chose to help their bodies and athletic careers through Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma.

Olympic athlete, professional ballplayer, or average human being, Stem Cell Therapy is an extremely beneficial route to improving chronic joint and muscle problems. By using a patient’s own blood and cells, Stem Cell Therapy is efficient, versatile, and readily available.

Copyright © 2012 Alex Martin MD & Francesca Coxe, Los Angeles. Edited by Devin Stone


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