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Stem Cell Therapy continues to be one of the fastest paced medical research and new techniques to repair damaged cells in an individual who has experienced cell damage. Adult stem cell therapy and research may soon hold the key to cures for a plethora of diseases. damages due to disease. The most common use of stem cell therapy is bone marrow transplants. Some newer therapies are being derived from umbilical cord blood. Research continues to develop various sources for stem cell therapy to allow stem cell treatment for neurodegenerative diseases and conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Adult autologous stem cells can aid in degenerative diseases such as joint disease and arthritis the procedures main purpose is to replenish your body’s supply of healthy regenerating cells. A plentiful supply of adult stem cells for personal use can be collected from a person, and then stored; making them available should the person develop any maladies later on. We use stem cells both via injection and intravenously. Injections help directly target an area such as a joint on your shoulder or ligament on your knee. While IV’s help us target immune disorders or ailments that we can not directly or physically treat. Learn more about our treatments on Stem Cell Therapy by calling us at 323-285-5300 or emailing us at

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