Stem Cells are an Altnerative Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury

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Rotator cuff injuries and degeneration is a common and life altering medical issue. Science technologies have been focused on an array of treatment possibilities, with stem cells being a huge contributing focal point.

Stem cells have been proven to be particularly effective at repairing cartilage. Adult cells, known as progenitor cells, can be harvested through a variety of methods. Mesenchymal cells are the most prominent, and found in human adipose tissue.

The treatment process is non-invasive, a single or set of intravenous injections are given, that enable the cells to venture through the blood stream and target a patients injuries. Once the injured area is located, the stem cells have the potential to multiply and differentiate into the specific type of cell that requires repair or replacement.

Time frames for noticeable improvements vary and are dependent upon the individuals own regenerative processes. Many previous patients testify to feeling the benefits in as little as a weeks time, while a smaller number have reported that it took several months.

Shoulder cuff and joint repairs remain top of the list as medical treatments positively benefiting from stem cells by it’s reduced cost, limited complications, and ease of treatment procedures.


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