Stem Cells offer new hope to those with shoulder injuries

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Shoulder injuries are incredibly frustrating. You wake up each morning in pain, and you begin to lose the range of motion necessary to get through daily life. Taking care of children, playing sports, or even working all begin to feel impossible as you struggle with daily life. Living with these injuries is frustrating, but there are solutions. One solution that offers new hope for those living with shoulder injuries is stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is an extremely simple therapy. The patient arrives at the office and lays down. The doctor takes a small needle and extracts some bone marrow. This sounds painful, but it is actually fairly painless. After the bone marrow is extracted the materials is taken to a laboratory. The material is put in a centrifuge, concentrating the stem cells. This concentrated sample of stem cells is used to heal your injury. A few days after the stem cells are concentrated, the patient is brought back in. The stem cells are inserted into the shoulder. The patient should recover quickly from this procedure, and the procedure is fairly painless. Stem cell therapy seems like science fiction, but it gets results. Six months after treatment, most patients have seen a reduction of pain, and an increase in function. This quick turnaround allows patients to return to their daily life. You can get back to work, play with your children, or participate in sports within six months of treatment. This therapy is opening new opportunities for those suffering from shoulder injuries.

A shoulder injury can wreck your quality of life for years to come, but there is hope. Getting stem cell therapy will give you new opportunities. Contact a stem cell specialist today. They will help you recover quickly.

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