Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Los Angeles

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a treatment procedure designed for men with low levels of the male hormone testosterone. Men who have what is known as “low T” often complain of fatigue, low sex drive, lethargy and feelings of depression.

MetroMD provides TRT to men who have been diagnosed with diminished testosterone. We specialize in cutting edge technologies, and feel that treating our patients whole being is important.

Once diagnosed with low T, a patient may be prescribed testosterone in the form of gels, injections or patches. Men who seek TRT do so because the absence of significant levels of naturally occurring testosterone may have effects in energy, libido, muscle mass, and concentration. Testosterone is naturally produced in the testicles. As men age, less testosterone is produced. However before considering TRT, doctors will determine if a man’s testosterone levels are affected by age, disease or other factors.

Currently, the medical industry doesn’t advise TRT for the effects of aging. However, men with low T related to disease or improperly functioning glands may be candidates for TRT. In such cases, patients have reported changes in sexual function, physical and emotional changes, and sleep patterns. Physical changes have included loss of muscle mass and increased body fat, tender breasts, and decreased bone density. Along with these symptoms, men may experience sadness, low confidence, depression, and memory loss. Lack of sleep and reduced erections may be attributed to low testosterone. A blood test will determine if testosterone has decreased.

TRT is a viable treatment option for men with low testosterone. Men who have the symptoms of low T should discuss treatment options and the associated risks with their physicians. After weighing all the information, the patient and the doctor determine which treatment option is best. Depending on the patient’s lifestyle, the doctor can choose from gels, injections, or patches The patient should follow all recommendations and procedures as prescribed by their doctor.

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