The Best Acne Scar Treatment in Los Angeles is Stem Cell Therapy

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Everyone in LA wants to look young, but sometimes certain things from our youth haunt us, like acne. Some people have a face full of acne scars from their teenage years, while others find that they continue to suffer from adult acne. Although makeup can cover it up to some extent, the acne still festers underneath and can eventually lead to scarring that causes us to second guess our attractive appearance. There are plenty of reasons to be stressed in LA, but acne scarring should not be one of them due to the innovative new research that proves stem cell therapy can actually eliminate acne scarring.

The process is not difficult and the recovery time is short if you find a skilled doctor to perform the acne scarring treatment with stem cells. We offer the very best plastic surgeons that are highly trained at completing this two-step task to ensure that even the deepest and most stubborn acne scars are removed from your face.

As noted, there are two steps to permeant acne scar removal with stem cell therapy. First of all a DOT CO2 laser is used to break through the top layer of the skin known as the dermis. This laser is the very best available for skin resurfacing and is able to create thousands of holes in the dermis in seconds so that your skin starts to produce collagen eventually smoothing the skin surface.

Once this action is activated the skin is left open with holes so that stem cells can travel down to the dermal layer. Stem cells are obtained from your body before the process is instated and they are harvested so that they can then be placed topically on the skin. They then seep deep into the skin through the paths created by the laser and rebuild the skin that was broken by acne scarring. The best part about stem cell therapy is that once the stem cells enter the skin they remain activated allowing your skin to look youthful for an extended period following treatment.

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