Santa Monica Doctor on the Importance of B Vitamins!


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Here at MetroMD we offer a variety of vitamins in our IV drips and injection based vitamin shots. Vitamin B-12 is a very important and crucial nutrient.  Vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin, is an important water-soluble vitamin. It plays an essential role in the production of your red blood cells and DNA, as well as the proper functioning of your nervous system. We offer our B-12 via injections or as a mix in one of our IV blends. B- Complex is another crucial vitamin that we offer. This is a combination of all of the known essential water-soluble vitamins except for vitamin C. These include thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), biotin, folic acid and the cobalamins (vitamin B12). Getting a B-Complex shot or B-complex in your drip helps ensure you are getting all your B vitamins. B Vitamins are important because they play an essential role in metabolism by helping to convert nutrients into energy. In addition, proper intake of B vitamins helps maintain a strong immune system. We offer packages of B-12 and B- Complex shots for our patients at MetroMD. For more information on B vitamins contact our office via email at or call us at 323-285-5300.

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