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Throughout life we watch our bodies slowly change.  First we are children facing the challenges of our adolescent years.  Next we enter the awkward stage of hormones, growth spurts and puberty.  Finally, the next twenty years seem to pass by instantaneously and our bodies start to show the signs of the aging process. Tissues are wearing, knees are no longer bending as they used to, and the texture of skin is starting to weather. People commonly want to know how they can stop and reverse the signs of aging in order to maintain their once youthful ways.  Stem cell therapy is a major breakthrough in medicine that can be used to help maintain a healthy youthful body.

How may your ask? The answer resides in looking into the reasons why we slowly break down causing what we call aging.  Over the course of a lifetime many cells die and others age.  As time passes the body loses more and more cells. The cells that are left are aged to a point where replications are inadequate to replace the cells that are lost.  This is one of the most fundamental reasons why the body ages.  Stem cells give the medical community the ability to restore aging tissues. It is able to do so through two modalities.

The first way stem cells can help the body is due to a stem cell is able to differentiate or transform into any type of tissue in your body.  Besides having the ability to become any cell, like a heart cell or nerve cell, stem cells are an cell line able to replicate numerous times, replacing cells lost throughout the aging process.  Once the stem cells are administered to areas that have aged over time they can help replenish the cells in the area.

The second method of combating the aging body is by a stem cells ability to help re-stimulate the native cells.  Stem cells by definition also have the ability to secrete vital chemicals that turn on cellular pathways in the body.  They turn on biological pathways such as stimulating cell divisions; allowing the native cells to replace the lost cells.  Another important chemical released by stem cells is pro-survival factors that help the native cells regain proper function and.

Stem cells give the medical community the ability to maintain our healthy youthful state by maintaining the cells in our bodies.  As we age our bodies break down and tissues are no longer as viable as they once were.  Stem cells give us the ability to replace our aging and diminishing tissues through natural biological routes.  Through proper medical care and the application of stem cells the body has the ability to regenerate the aging areas.  Stem Cell treatment is the new player in the field of anti-aging medicine.

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