The Proper Way to Cleanse at MetroMD

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While life is filled with challenges it’s also filled with solutions. We are inspired to help change the way people view food and the way they the consume it. No matter your age, fitness level, or how chaotic your life can be we are here to help you nourish yourself and live your best life! Here are some steps and foods below we recommend for a proper, healthy body cleanse.

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Ideal Flex Foods:
• 1 Avocado
• 1 Apple
• 1 cup watermelon
• Unlimited Celery
• Unlimited Cucumbers
• 1 cup Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale or Spinach
• 1 cup Berries
• 1 cup Sauerkraut or Kimchi (no additives)
• 1 cup Summer squash ( no winter squash)
• ½ cup Carrots

Ideal Flex Beverages
• Hemp, almond, coconut, oat milk
• Kombucha
• Organic Vegetable Broth
• Decaffeinated herbal tea
• Coconut water
• Stone Natural Organic Powder

Easy Cleansing Food combinations:
• A green apple sautéed in cinnamon and Organic Tropic Oil
• An avocado mashed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and Himalayan sea salt
• 1 cup broccoli sautéed in organic tropic oil and fresh basil and topped with 3 tbsp. organic sauerkraut

Protein Options:
• Lentils or legumes (no-soy) 1c/320 Cal
• Hummus 1/2c/170 Cal
• Broccoli 1c/30 Cal
• Cottage Cheese 1/2c/81 Cal
• Almonds 1/4 c/ 207 Cal
• Free Range Eggs 1 Lg egg/71 Cal
• Free Range organic fed chicken 100g/165 Cal
• Wild-caught Salmon 2oz/131 Cal

Complex Carbs:
• Red, black or brown rice 20g/219 Cal
• Quiona 1c/ 223 Cal
• Couscous 1c/175 Cal
• Sprouted grain bread 1 slice/80 Cal
• Buckwheat or whole grain pancakes 183 Cal
• Purple or sweet potatoes 100g/86 Cal
• Oatmeal 1/2C/ 71 Cal

Veggie Options:
• Kale 1c/14 Cal
• Broccoli 1c/30Cal
• Summer Squash 1c/23Cal
• Cabbage 1c/22Cal
• Asparagus 1c/27 Cal
• Mushrooms 1/2c/15Cal
• Celery 1c/16 Cal
• Carrots 1c/52 Cal
• Sea veggies 4g/21 Cal
• Cilantro 1c/21 Cal
• Parsley 1c/21 Cal
• Basil 2 tbsp/2 Cal

Fruit Options:
• Cherries 1c/87 Cal
• Berries 1c/100 Cal
• Plums 1 sm Plum/ 47 Cal
• Apples 1 sm Apple/ 53 Cal
• Purple Grapes 1c/62 Cal
• Watermelon 1c/46 Cal
• Papaya 1c/63 Cal
• Cucumbers 1c/13 Cal
• Tomatoes 1 Sm tomato/50 Cal

Fats & Oils Options:
• Organic Tropic Oil 1tbsp/120 Cal
• Green tea seed oil 1 tbsp/120 Cal
• Sunflower seed oil 1 tbsp/120 Cal
• Avocado oil 1 tbsp/ 120 Cal
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 tbsp/120 Cal
• Butter or ghee (grass fed cow) 1 tbsp/120 Cal

Do & Don’ts for starting a cleanse:

• Do drink more water, broth and fresh juices
• Do eat fresh, ray fruit and veggies darky leafy greens and high fiber meals
• Do eliminate processed foods
• Do plan your transformation over a period in which you will be able to get good sleep
• Do omit dairy, processed foods and meat from your diet 2-3 days before starting
• Do stay hydrated drink half you body weight in ounces a day
• Do grab extra flex foods
• Do keep a positive mental attitude
• Do have a plan be prepared with your products
• Do take before and after photos

• Don’t rush back into eating heavy foods ease back into foods slowly
• Don’t perform heavy exercise

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