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HGH Therapy to Restore Hair Loss

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The PRP or Plasma Rich Platelet treatment has many different uses. During the procedure, doctors take a sample of the patient’s blood and treat it with concentrated platelets in a product called PRP. The treatment is then injected into certain areas of the body, where it delivers fresh oxygen and plasma to the organs and other parts of the body. This helps further stimulate healing and sends platelets to a wounded area to speed up the process. MetroMD also offers PRP therapy for knees, Of these sites knees is one of the most targeted. Injuries such as meniscus tear, ACL, PCL, or MCL tears can be treated. PRP is injected directly into the area that is damaged. This then stimulates the area to heal and ultimately restores anatomy and function. The PRP Los Angeles’ MetroMD office can offer has a number of wellness benefits, including: -Skin rejuvenation therapy in the form of a PRP facial -Hair growth stimulation -Joint damage repairs (in areas such as the knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and vertebrae discs) -And More Come by our office today and see if PRP is a feasible treatment for you! Call us at 323-285-5300 to set up your appointment!

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