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Nature has made no man or woman similar in personalities or in physical outlook. Some are blessed with good growth and development, height wise, some are unfortunately, short heighted. Human Growth Deficiency occurs when a person is short in nature caused by abnormal condition “ slow or delayed growth. An adult person is said to be short heighted when he has a height of less than 4 feet 10 inches (147cm). Commonly known as Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) is a medical condition wherein the body generates inadequate growth hormone, also called as somatotropin that stimulates growth and cell reproduction. If a child lacks this hormone, chances are high that a child grows slowly and puberty is likely be characterized with deferred development for several years. Pediatricians and researchers explained that GHD has no single definite cause but caused by multiple factors, like “ damage to the pituitary gland, turners syndrome, malnutrition, or even stress in some of the cases.

Many of us perceive like, height once attained cant be developed again – thats just a myth. Well, Science has leapfrogged, dismissing the myths and predicting scientific results.  Let us clear the fact that Human Growth Hormone can make a child grow again. The dedicated program is the outcome of extensive research and breakthrough innovation in medical field that enables children to reach a standard height. Now, in many of you, an obvious question may pounce- How many inches my child can grow? Researchers and Medical Directors at MetroMD have all the answers to your questions pertaining to the causes for slow development and results for HGH treatment.

How we treat dwarfism with HGH treatment? Scientifically, Human Growth Hormone is a once-a-day injection used for multiple applications that has been clinically proven to improve lean body mass, increase libido, quality of nail, hair, texture with superior results. Moreover, HGH is now scientifically proven by a panel of renowned medical directors to deal with children with growth hormone deficiency.

We measure the growing cycle of pediatric patients with growth curve – medical chart that records child’s height and weight. With HGH therapy we bring children over the 50th percentile on growth chart and back onto the 80th or above which would be comparable to the height of their counterparts in their community. HGH, if undergone at a right age and time makes children grow to a standard height and eliminates any risk or any sort of negative repercussions in their growth and development process. Also, HGH therapy has many other advantages for a growing child. We would encourage you to watch our video section regarding HGH that will help you clear your doubts if any.



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