Vitamin B-12 and it’s Benefits

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The vitamin B-12 plays a huge role in our health. Vitamin B-12 not only helps regulate cell regeneration but it also helps boost the immune system and energy levels. Vitamin B-12 is very common among animal meats but can also be found in fortified cereal, fortified yeast, non-dairy milk that is fortified. Besides helping with the day to day cellular functions of your body B-12 can also help with metabolism and help prevent anemia. For some people who are missing the intrinsic factor enzymes in their stomach, they have a hard time or are unable to digest b-12 naturally. In this case, we would certainly recommend b-12 injections as a strong alternative. Many of our patients who have busy work schedules or just have trouble making time for the perfect diet use B-12 injections as an alternative. Typically patients receive B-12 shots once a week or biweekly. Alternatives

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