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How Does Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Work? Explained by Hollywood HGH Specialist Alex Martin, MD. Description of HGH and mechanism at cellular level. What is HGH? Is HGH safe? What are the benefits of HGH?

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Hello again! I’m Dr. Alex Martin, Hollywood’s HGH specialist.
Many of you who are more technically inclined have asked me about the details of exactly how HGH works at a cellular level. How does HGH work in our bodies is the basic question. I am very happy to tell you that it is quite easy to explain. There is much more information that is detailed behind us, so let me give you a little bit of the simple explanation.
HGH is a very large molecule, 22,000 plus in molecular weight, so it’s carried by carrier proteins when it docks at the receptor sites of the cell membranes. These proteins carry it across into the interior of the cell. They go to the organelles. Those are small structures inside the nucleus called mitochondria. The mitochondria are the engines of the cells. They produce a form of energy called ATP, adenosine triphosphate.
When HGH links with the mechanisms inside the mitochondria, it’s like turning on all the lights in a house. All the energy goes on. The mitochondria speeds up its metabolic rate and produces more ATP. This is really the central mechanism of HGH.
The second mechanism is that HGH searches out and helps to repair damaged areas of the cell membrane. So we see that HGH works on many different levels. For this reason, muscles that have been damaged are healed. They become twice as strong using HGH as they were prior to the injury. We also see repair of wounds on the skin and also bones. We see repair of bony structures where we’ve lost calcium in the protein matrix. So we know that HGH is a great adjunct to healing.
These are very interesting topics, and if you have other questions regarding the functions of HGH and how it works at the metabolic level, don’t hesitate to call me or come and see us. Have a complimentary consultation here in Hollywood.
Thank you again. I’m Dr. Alex Martin, Hollywood’s HGH specialist.

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