HGH Therapy to Restore Hair Loss

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Thinning hair or balding is an issue millions of Americans deal with. A variety of factors effect this from stress, environment to genetics it’s impossible to determine the exact cause. However, it is possible to treat balding or alopecia with stem cells.

When stem cells are activated in the hair follicles they have shown to regenerate growth. Hair follicles treated with stem cells have shown to become reactivated during a new hair cycle. Typically when hair follicles fail to activate a person begins to suffer from balding or hair loss.

This treatment is an effective way of reactivating the hair follicles and combating hair loss. At MetroMD we offer this treatment via injections and would have you come in for a consult prior to beginning treatment to ensure you’re a good candidate. Other treatments that help with hair growth include PRP or platelet-rich plasma which is found in your own blood.

We can combine these treatments in order to see the best results. You can contact us for a consult or email us with any questions at

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