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The C02 Fractional laser is great for rejuvenating skin and erasing fine lines and wrinkles. This laser helps create new skin by resurfacing a thin layer of skin with a controlled burn. This causes the skin to heal which in return produces collagen.

This is great for anyone with aging skin, the laser can target various scars, pigmentations and other blemish seen on older skin types. For the best results, we would need to do 3-6 sessions as this is a treatment that needs several sessions.

Unlike our other lasers, this is a more intensive procedure as it requires 2-3 weeks of downtown for the skin to fully regrow and heal. Treatments typically span between 8-12 weeks as it takes some time for the skin to heal between each session.

If you have any questions or think you would be a good candidates for our C02 laser contact us today. You can contact us for a consult or email us with any questions at

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