Acne Scarring Now Treated with Stem Cells and Microneedling

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Acne scarring treatment is a daunting task—it can be frustrating, stressful, and a struggle. The prevalent fight with scarring is not limited to those facing this challenge but also to dermatologists. It can negatively impact an individual’s confidence and esteem.

Scarring is mainly due to a reduction in the rate of collagen production.

It’s comforting to know that this need not be the case anymore. With the evolution of technology, now, acne scarring can be a thing of the past.

Stem cell treatment and micro needling are the miracle answer to the challenges of acne scarring. A combination of the two procedures is applicable, or one can opt for either.

Microneedling (Derma Pen) is an induction therapy for the production of collagen and elastin. Besides, the procedure uses fine needles used to puncture just the top layer of the skin.

Stem cell therapy involves the isolation of stem cells from the individual, these undergo differentiation and propagation then re-injected into the patient.

Alternatively, local activation by introducing endogenous cells into a given area, the aim is to induce the regeneration of new tissue. Again, this is done intravenously or using subcutaneous injection.

Benefits of Microneedling and Stem Cell Treatment:

  1. Trigger natural production of skin essentials Minimal post inflammatory hyperpigmentation compared to other techniques such as chemical peels.
  2. Stem cells stimulation plumps the skin enhancing radiance
  3. Cost are not as high as those of the other alternatives like dermabrasion or fractional laser treatments
  4. Reduction of scarring
  5. Improved skin texture
  6. Reduction in pore size
  7. Improved quality of life
  8. Short recovery period of 2 to 3 days (for microneedling)
  9. No demarcation of treated and untreated skin
  10. Limited invasion of the skin

The good news is the success of the therapy is not dependent on how long the struggle with acne scarring. The truth is it is a progress procedure, revealing a consistency of radiant looking skin, reduced scar, and even stretch marks.

In sum, Microneedling and stem cell treatments are the latest and most advanced skin healing techniques. Patience is of the essence to enjoy the benefits of these therapeutic treatments.

Six weeks into the treatment is a good time to gauge the changes and improvements, but for full effect give a grace period of after 3 months. Skin continues to improve over the duration of a year.

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