San Fernando Valley Fat Transfers are Available at MetroMD Los Angeles

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Fat transfer procedures are used to solve imperfections caused by different factors. Also known as fat grafting, the process entails extraction of fat from areas of the body with excess fat and depositing it to desired areas. Excess fat can be retrieved from areas like the outer thigh and injected into the hands, cheeks, breasts or any other area that does not have a lot of fat.

The medical procedure takes only a few hours. The cosmetic surgeon harvests fat cells from the area with excess fat and then separates the fat cells and other fluids that may find their way into the extraction. Blood and other body fluids may be collected when the fat is being extracted.

Cosmetic surgeons have used this procedure to alter the appearance of different body parts for many years. As the science has been perfected over time, it has become a method that is 100% safe. Micro fat grafting is also a new development in fat transfer. The services are available to individuals who want to change or rejuvenate certain parts of their bodies.

At MetroMD you can get anti-aging fat transfer procedure that will make your face, breasts, buttocks and any other part of the body regain their natural plumpness. Our professional services will smooth out wrinkles and add volume to your hands and other areas that may have changed with time. Our fat transfer procedures are minimally invasive and produce long lasting results. Our professional cosmetic surgeons have expertise from years of experience of restoring youthful looks by body contouring procedures.

Fat transfer procedures are the ideal option because they are more natural. Clients can enjoy the results for over ten years. Our doctors can adequately advise clients regarding any physical changes they want to make.

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