Ben Moody of Evanescence: My Transformation Stem Cell Therapy and HGH

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Hi, I’m Ben Moody. I just finished a podcast with Dr. Martin and company, although, unfortunately, I seem to have gotten so excited with all the stem cell and HGH talk that it was really just me hammering away at Dr. Martin with question after question.
The reason it went down that way, and we’re going to have to do so many more podcasts about this is because I am not one to fall for radical, Hollywood trends and things like that, but I literally have seen a massive transformation in my life after trying everything from trainers to bootcamps to diets, to changes in. . . I mean just ridiculous efforts, liposuction, surgery, massive surgeries, things like that.
After having a major injury and a surgery to repair it, and then followed by a very tough year and a deep depression and major change in my body, I was just past the point of recovery, as far as I was concerned. I went back because I knew the HGH was very beneficial the first time around when I felt good to begin with, and so, I thought, maybe it could get me over that hump.
Then they opened my eyes to the option of a stem cell therapy. I still think it sounds like science fiction, and I think I’m living in a comic book because six days after I did it, I started to experience a body I’ve waited my whole life for, and I literally feel like I have been trapped in something that I just hated for my whole life.
It wasn’t just about being fat. It was about being broken down and feeling like shit when I have so much energy and I have so much creativity, and I just couldn’t do anything about it. So, it’s changed my life radically. I’m still finding new abilities. I’m able to stretch myself. I can’t say enough good things about it.
I don’t even know, to be honest with you, what I’m experiencing, because this is straight out of a fucking comic book. I got into some magical ooze. It took three hours of my time, and half of it was spent pretty doped up and laying down just talking shit. Can I say shit? Oh, I’m sorry. Pretty doped up and talking to people, and just having a blast. Next thing you know, I sleep for 16 hours. I wake up. I’m a little sore. Three days later, I’m not so sore. Three days after that, I’m Superman.
I hate to put it so bluntly and fantastically, but it’s just that good. Try it, or at least talk to. . . Just learn about it. Be aware and stay in school. I don’t know.



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