Cheap Botox Los Angeles, BeWare!!!!

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At MetroMD we have been a top provider of Botox in Los Angeles and Hollywood for years. Dr. Martin has started injecting these products since they came to market. One of the biggest questions we get is why is our product not Cheap Botox. Our customers often see extremely cheap prices of botox on websites like Groupon and other outlets.

The fact of the matter is a patient should always be worrisome about Cheap Botox.  Often Cheap Botox comes with a price. It usually means it is fake, diluted, or done by a an inexperienced provider. Don’t believe us?

First when you see a botox deal under 7 dollars a unit be worried. Cheap Botox at these prices are a huge red flag. At prices lower than this a practice normally lose money on the injections. Seems backwards right? Well it is. Botox should never be discounted this much unless their is a catch.

Also, follow the reviews. If you find a deal that is too good to be true check out the clinics reviews. Often these clinics with Cheap Botox deals have poor reviews. This is because their botox once again is most likely, fake, diluted, or not done properly.

Just remember these injections are meant to work and to enhance your look. Its not worth paying for Cheap Botox botox when it is your body and your results.  If you have questions about Botox and how it should be done feel free to call our office.

Cheap Botox Los Angeles, Be Aware!!

Beware of Cheap Botox Options on Groupon in Los Angeles, and Hollywood

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