Co2 Laser for Acne Scars

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Co2 Laser for Acne Scars is an amazing treatment that MetroMD has been perfecting over the last 10 years. Co2 laser for acne scars can help treat unwanted scars. Many people have lived years with acne scars and have tried many treatments to help diminish their scars. These may include creams, facials, peels and more. However, MetroMD has found that Co2 Laser is our best treatment for acne scars.


MetroMD uses CO2 laser to resurface the skin and to diminish scars. Co2 Laser for Acne Scars is a great treatment especially when it is combined with a regenerative cellular product. MetroMD combines PRP, stem cells or amniotic fluid with our Co2 laser to ensure better tissue recovery and enhanced results.

Co2 laser treatment for acne scars works in the following way. First, the skin is numbed for 30min using a topical anesthetic. Then the treatment begins where the CO2 laser is fractionated and used to penetrate the skin. Microwells of the laser is formed in the skin causing a perforation which then stimulates the skin to heal. Over the next few weeks, the new skin is formed and ultimately acne scars are removed. However, at MetroMD we apply cells over the Co2 after the treatment. Since the CO2 laser is a type of burn to the skin we can utilize healing cells in the area to speed up recovery and maximize results. Cells such as stem cells are placed here and can help heal the tissue damage that is made by the CO2 laser. In other words, we are tricking your body into healing itself and removing the unwanted acne scars.

So if you suffer from acne scars. Try Co2 Laser for Acne Scars, it is a 21st-century solution to having better skin!



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