Microneedling for Skin Maintenance

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Microneedling for Skin Maintenance is a great treatment. Over the years we have done thousands of micro-needling treatments and with tremendous results. But did you know this is a treatment that can be used not only to correct problems but to also maintain the skin.

At MetroMD we recommend doing a light micro-needling treatment monthly. This is because our skin ages no matter what, we are exposed to sun damage, and the overall environmental stress on the skin is dramatic. Utilizing microneedling on a monthly basis can help rejuvenate the skin and prevent further damage in the future.

Microneedling works in two ways. One way is it actually helps exfoliate away damaged skin. The process itself breaks the top layer of skin and allows the body to exfoliate it away. This can help remove dead skin as well as damaged cells. Secondly, the controlled trauma caused by the micro needling stimulates new cells to form, collagen to be produced and overall enhances the skin.

This treatment is truly one of our favorites and everyone should see how this can change their skin over time. Doing this monthly is an amazing procedure to add to your monthly skin care.


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