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I (DR.G) constantly speak about the life-changing results that come from carving out “me time” in the day. I preach this to every person I come across. Particularly because society (from phones to American workdays) is structured to prevent this. I urge everyone to start a practice. Here are the TOP 5 ritual practices I have found to be MOST helpful. In no particular order: . . 🙏🏽Gratitude: Do you know the quickest way to change to a vibration of happiness is to say 3 things you are grateful for everyday? Just 3. Be as grateful for a flat tire on the way to an important meeting as you are for your own health. . . 🙏🏽Meditation: The most transcendent of all practices in my opinion. When you quiet the mind, the soul speaks. The more consistent you are the more it permeates to every day waking life. Find your vibe, if you like guided meditation try @calm , otherwise sit in silence and focus on the flow of your breath. It takes time but soon your mind will clear. . . 🙏🏽Affirmations: The most effective form of prayer is not one of asking. This puts out the vibration of lack. Instead, speak as if it is already called into existence. All things already exist energetically… our alignment of thoughts, words, and actions determines the frequency which can transduce energy into matter. We are creators. Use “I am” statements in every affirmation. . . 🙏🏽Journaling: Wake up and begin writing immediately. You will find that in a state not yet adulterated by daily egoic thoughts that your soul can come through. There is a lot of truth that comes out on paper in this state. . . 🙏🏽Yoga: Put together a quick morning sun salutation. This will get your life force flowing. Be sure to focus on the flow of energy throughout and be aware of any blockages. Remember, when you are letting the universe flow through you like a vessel is when you can create miracles. . Dr. Gonzalez is our naturopathic and functional medicine doctor here at MetroMD. He specializes with nutrition and holistic medicine. Give us a call at 323-285-5300 to set up an appointment with him!

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