Santa Monica Doctors on PRP Treatment for Joint Damage


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Metro MD has been providing platelet-rich plasma for over 7 years. Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, treatments involve taking a sample of the patient’s blood which runs through a special centrifuge that separates the growth factors or plasma. This plasma is then injected into certain areas of the body, where it delivers fresh oxygen and plasma to the organs and other parts of the body. This is a very beneficial treatment for anyone who suffers from joint damage repairs (in areas such as the knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow, and vertebrae discs). PRP treatments may improve physical output and athletic ability and give a patient a boost in mobility. Schedule Your Consultation PRP therapy can be an excellent option for many cosmetic and health concerns that may be unavoidable with common signs of aging. Let us at MetroMD help you restore your youth within a few treatments with PRP therapy in Hollywood. Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Alex Martin today to see if you’re an ideal candidate for PRP therapy. For more information call us at 323-285-5300.

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