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Thousands of supplements have hit the market in recent years in an effort to capitalize on HGHs increasing popularity. While HGH given via daily injections has proven benefits, the general public knows less about supposed HGH supplements, pills or nasal sprays. One common question I encounter is Do HGH supplements work?

The answer is no. HGH supplements are ineffective methods of introducing HGH into the body, even when given in dangerously high doses. To understand why, it is important to look at the HGH molecule. Compared to other molecules, HGH is rather large. It may appear like any other liquid to our eyes, but on a microscopic level, HGH differs greatly from more common molecules like water. As a result, HGH cannot be absorbed by the membranes lining the stomach or the nose.

Human Growth Hormone is actually a rather fragile molecule that needs to be delivered properly to be effective. HGH supplements that introduce their contents into the stomach are rendered ineffective immediately as our stomach acid denatures the HGH. Quite a few scientific studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of these so called HGH or “HGH releasers and not a single one has shown to be even mildly effective. So it is best to avoid all of these supplements as they have no effect on the level of HGH in your system.

The only proven and effective means of delivering HGH is through once daily subcutaneous injections. These injections allow all of the HGH to enter the body and bypass the conditions that render the molecules inactive. In this way, users are able to experience the full-benefits of HGH therapy. The injection pens that we provide at our center here in Hollywood make the process pain free and easy. The pen is calibrated so that a predetermined amount of HGH is given, and all the user needs to do is press the pen against his or her skin. Real HGH is more expensive than over-the-counter supplements, and as a result many people try the supplements first.

But in the end, HGH supplements do little more than put a dent in your wallet.



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