Facial Injections Now Turn to Amniotic Stem Cells

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Over the years we have seen many products come out for facial injections. One of the biggest is Juvederm by the worlds power house Allergan. This is a synthetic collagen that is injected into the face to revolumize. However, it is not permanent. A patient receiving these facial injections will have to repeat their injections every 9-18 months.

So we in the cosmetic field needed to find a new longer lasting solution. Facial Injections Now Turn to Amniotic Stem Cells. These amniotic stem cells are injected into the same areas to stimulate a patients own collage to be produced. When this happens a patients actually restores their own tissue. So, what does this mean?

Facial Injections with Amniotic Stem Cells have long lasting effects. Patient can get their volume for years. Also, these injections do not have a risk of over injected or leaving to much product in certain areas. Facial Injections are now at their all time best by using amniotic stem cells.

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