Fat Can Be Taken From Unwanted Areas and Transferred Where Needed

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Fat transfer is a cosmetic procedure that has enabled many people, young and old to improve their appearance and to be more confident about themselves. The procedure involves transferring fat (liposuction) from one part of the body to enhance another body part. The medical surgeon (s) will insert a surgical instrument with a narrow and tiny incision called ‘Cannula’ and used it to extract fatty tissue from the skin. The medical experts will then massage and squeeze the skin until the needed amount of fat tissue is extracted, close the incision and then cover it with a bandage to prevent bleeding or excessive swelling.

To undergo the fat transfer procedure, the candidates should be in good health and have enough fat to be transferred from one part of the body to another. The most common parts of the body where fat is extracted and transferred include hips, thighs, buttocks, stomach, upper arms, face especially on the cheeks and chins.

The recovery process should not be a thing of great concern as the modern techniques allow faster healing. However, the recovery period depends on the nature and extent of the operation. The patient is also required to have plenty of resting time and limit his or her movement to speed up the recovery period. To help you with the recovery process, you will be dressed with a support garment that you will wear for several weeks. The medical experts can also prescribe oral medication to heal reported minor pains by the patients. It is important for the patient to carefully and strictly follow the surgeon’s instructions to avoid any complications.

Fat transfer procedure is safe and has several benefits especially when carried out by a qualified and experienced practitioner. These benefits include removal of excess or stubborn fat enhances body shape and curvature as well as the general appearance by restoring volume in the hips, breasts, buttocks and other parts. Your appearance boosts your confidence, and fat transfer can play a big role in attaining that.

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