Find Out Your Nutritional Deficiencies

Posted on September 26, 2018 by: Metro MD

Here at MetroMD, we offer a wide variety of IV blends that can be constituted to your preference! IV blends help patients receive certain nutrients or vitamins they may be lacking! Whether this is a higher dosage of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Magnesium or Gluthotonie we can accommodate our IV blends with a specific dosage.

The first step to determining if you have a deficiency is to take blood tests to determine which nutrients if any you are lacking. From there, our team can determine which IV blends would be most beneficial to you. Our team can tailor a monthly program incorporating IV’s, lifestyle changes and a new diet to help accommodate your nutritional intake.

Once we have you on a program we can see what adjustments if any are needed so you can get your full daily nutritional intake!