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Sunflower E is an organic all natural and vegan source of vitamin E. Sunflower E can neutralize free radicals and protects our cells from oxidative stress. This equates to very healthy skin and helps improve overall health.

Sunflower E is naturally high in antioxidants, when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle our Sunflower E 400 IU can neutralize excess free radicals that come from daily activities and environmental exposures, and it has been shown that natural Vitamin E is significantly more effective than synthetic forms.

Most Vitamin E comes from soy which is a common allergen. We are pleased to offer a sunflower based softgel alternative for those who need Vitamin E. This is a much more natural and healthy alternative to over the counter pills that can have various fillers.

Stone Natural Medicine is a line composed of all natural alternatives. MetroMD’s very own Devin Stone has taken on a holistic approach that emphasizes the need to look at the whole person when creating a treatment plan. Not only do we focus on physical and nutritional aspects, but environmental, social, emotional, and lifestyle as well. By taking the time to create a natural, individualized plan that works with your lifestyle, results are proven effective and long-lasting.

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