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Constantly our bodies are being broken down and needing new building materials to survive.  This is the very reason why we eat.  Food is digested to supply the body with the proper materials to reconstruct tissues.  As food passes through the digestive track it is broken down by a series of chemical and mechanical forces. Food is broken down into small molecules that are delivered to every cell.  Once the molecules are delivered to the cell they turn on genes in the DNA that correlate to the molecules coming in.

For instance if a patient eats a meal saturated with butter and trans-fats it is broken down to simple trans fats and LDL molecules.  These fatty and high cholesterol molecules then turn on gene sequences correlating to these molecules.  These genes code for the cell to rebuild larger molecules using these LDL and fats it is supplied with. This is the reason why eating meals constantly high in fats and cholesterol are dangerous because they only give your cells the materials to rebuild fatty and cholesterol-ridden products.

However, the opposite is also true.  If a patient consumes a healthier diet consisting of green plants it will promote the expression of beneficial gene sequences.  For instance, when we consume plant matter like spinach it is packed with many essential vitamins.  Once these vitamins reach targeted cells around the body they up-regulate or turn on genes that allow the cell to use these new nutrients.  These vitamins such as vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) are used to restore the cell wall, turn on the mitochondria for cellular energy, and many other biochemical processes.

This is why is why the statement you are what you eat is so rudimentary.  If we supply our bodies solely with poor nutrition it leaves us with only limited materials to replenish our cells. It is extremely vital to have a balanced nutrition in order to supply your body with all the tools it needs to live healthfully.

Imagine your body is a fish bowl, filled with fish.  The glass container represents your skin, holding all the contents inside.  The water itself represents your body’s chemistry: blood, water, lymph, etc.  The fish inside represent your vital organs.  In order for the fish to stay happy and living they must be supplied with the proper food, clean water, and an oxygen supply to the water.  However, if the fish bowl gets dirty or the wrong food is given to the fish they will perish and eventually the fish bowl will probably not be pleasing to look at and display.  No one likes a bunch of dead fish floating in a bowl of brown water.  This is exactly how your body reflects the food that is going in.  When a patient constantly supplies their body with foods saturated with fat, parabens, toxins, and sugars, quickly their body mimics the fish bowl.  Over time this inadequate supply of food that is high in bad chemicals accumulates, leading to the destruction of our tissues, vital organs and even our DNA.

The brown fishbowl effect happens when a patients body is constantly consuming an improper balance of nutrients.  Following what is now known as the American Diet often does this.  It consists of mainly simple carbohydrates, salts, and oils.  Foods that are heavily processed and refined with preservatives are the major source of food.  The foods groups that are incorporated into the American Diet limit the number of nutrients your body has access too.  The body needs twenty essential amino acids, countless number of vitamins and minerals to survive. By eating foods such as soda, chips, French fries, hamburgers, etc. restricts the bodies cells from having the basic building blocks to survive.

The food groups mainly consumed by the American Diet lack significant nutrients essential for your body, but also turns on genes that promote bad health.  When your body is only supplied with primarily simple carbs, salts and fats genes for these nutrients regulate only certain genetic codes.  They promote genes regulating fat build up, high blood pressure, and can cause many autoimmune diseases like diabetes.  Dieting in this manner only gives a patients cells access to a few materials.  Also, processed foods have many preservatives, artificial coloring, and other added ingredients hazardous to your health.  These un-natural additions are toxic to the bodies cells DNA. Processed foods add harmful chemicals and free radicals that enter your cells nucleus and damage its code.

The combination of limited supplies and the harmful substances in the food that mainly comprise the American Diet is the reason to magnitude of life changing symptoms. Many diseases that kill thousands of people a year are often related to a poor diet.  Diseases such as cancers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimers are often times diet related matters.  These diseases are often caused by a limited supply of nutrients to the cells of a patients body.  An improper diet can promote genes that relate to these diet related illnesses.

Proper dieting truly is an art of balancing the intake of nutrients with what your body needs to restore proper function.  By giving your body the right concoction of nutrients it can maintain good health. Many times the right diet can also help prevent signs of many diseases a patient could be disposed to. These proper eating habits can allow one to live a longer and healthier life.  As Hippocrates said himself, let food be thy medicine.



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