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“Nothing destined him to become the boss of a start-up specializing in cosmetic medical products. Dr. Vincent Bonniol, a 52-year-old resident of Marseilles, established in 2009, along with the geneticist Nicolas Levy and the biologist Pierre Cau, “Laboratoire Prenyl B” which monetizes the scientific discoveries of his colleagues. The method of use was with gene therapyand perfecting wrinkle treatment.

Bonniol has created this business venture despite accumulating a wall full of diplomas and leading multiple careers as a teacher-researcher in the fields of health education, medical law and medical biomathematics.

From the Medical World to the Cosmetic Realm:

The encounter with the two star researchers who discovered the mechanism for the mutation of cells responsible for PROGERIA, the illness of accelerated aging of infants whose hope for survival is limited to 13.5 years on average. From their work, the possibility of slowing the phenomenon by associating two molecules, omega statin and Z-dronate, has made all the difference in the world.

Charged by these two research colleagues to creat and to manage the start-up whose objective remains to develop a medication to combat progeria, Bonniol conceived the idea of using his discovery to create innovative “beauty products”.

The goal is to utilize a part of the profits to finance the pursuit of a progeria medication and to bring it to market. The first of these cosmetic products, an anti-wrinkle serum, was introduced in 2011. It was followed a year later by a serum for dry skin and for contouring of the eye. The line of products, winner of the “laureate of beauty” award in 2012-2013, has made an enormous success.

The enterprise, which subcontracts out the production, has rapidly grown and today employs 23 salaried employees. Its sales have more than doubled last year to 2.6 million euros, already generating a profit. Although their gross revenues have recently fallen somewhat with the economic crisis in Europe, Bonniol expects to see 3 million euros in sales this year thanks to his success in exporting his products.

The enterprise has just signed its largest contract in Germany with “M2Beauté”, a brand diffused in 1,800 cosmetic stores. Neo Stem will be commercialized in co-branding under the name “M2Beauté by Neo Stem”. The contract foresees its first order at 30,000 vials of serum and at least 60,000 vials in 2014.  The young brand also has made an entrance in the UK, with 26 Corners boutique at Marks and Spencer, in

Switzerland at “Manor”, in Morocco, Denmark, Sweden….

In September yet a new product will complete the line, the “D-Zone” which consists of a anti-hyperpigmentation serum with employs cellular mechanisms to attack stains on the skin. Bonniol is counting on the new product to boost sales of the Prenyl B Company/Labs in France.



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