Heart Tissue Regenerated with Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem cell therapy can save the heartbeat of a loved one. Millions of people die each year from defective heart valves, heart attacks, and degenerative heart walls which leads to heart failure. Stem cell therapy repairs the damage and encourage normal heart functions.

Damage done to the heart muscles is not reversible and even life threatening. With an innovative treatment like stem cell therapy the possibility of getting a new heart is more than a possibility, it is a reality. Cells are taken out of the defective heart, prepped and reinserted. The results were a functioning heart with less scarring, and an increase in heart muscle release and contraction.

The therapy reduces the risk of heart failure, by encouraging the normal functions of the damaged heart. Scientists are confident they can model diseases in heart patients and in the future replace the dying cardiomyocytes which often leads to heart failure and death.


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