MS is Treated with Stem Cell Therapy and Football Coach Benefits

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When football coach Sam Harrel of San Angelo, Texas was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system, he fought hard for four years to keep up with his team. MS finally took its toll on Harrel, forcing him to resign himself to being house-bound and inactive. With a number of successful seasons under his belt, both Harrel and the high school football teams he led were heartbroken.

After little success with his U.S. doctors, Harrel made the decision to fly to Panama for a series of stem cell treatments. The stem cells taken from his bone marrow were injected into his weakened muscle tissue; the stem cells then began to mimic and replenish the surrounding tissue.

By the end of his three rounds of treatment, Harrel was able to walk, jump, and lead the normal life he once had. More importantly, he has returned to his passion of coaching at Brownwood High School.


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