HGH for Low Energy

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HGH therapy has been a major focus of MetroMD over the last decade. We have worked with
thousands of patients undergoing this therapy and with much success. HGH or Human Growth
Hormone works to restore tissues in the body, control metabolism, and help recover the body. When a
patient has low HGH or is growth hormone deficient they often experience low energy. So, when HGH
is added back into their body a patient can see energy levels normalizing.

At the age of 30 our hormones start to decline. One of these hormones is HGH. When this hormone is
deficient most patients experience sub par energy levels. This is due to the fact HGH helps regulate
metabolism along with the thyroid hormones. When HGH is depleted metabolism decrease and
ultimately energy is jeopardized.

So, when a patient comes in and has low HGH we quickly start them on an HGH program. Other
factors are also tested to make sure the patient can successfully take HGH. However, when the patient
begins HGH therapy they will notice their natural energy levels will increase. Also, HGH has many
other benefits that will be experienced over the course of and HGH replacement program.

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