PRP for Thinning Hair

HGH Therapy to Restore Hair Loss

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Thinning and balding hair has been a large concern for many of our patients.
They come to our center MetroMD Los Angeles in order to seek alternative methods
for hair restoration and that’s when we recommend PRP therapy. We have done
hundreds of cases to date with much success.

PRP Therapy is a treatment where we isolate vials of blood then concentrate a
section of the blood that is called PRP. This is processed out using a method called
centrifugation that separate the blood in layers and ultimately allows us to isolate
the PRP portion.

Once this portion is obtained it can be used to promote hair regeneration in patients
with thinning hair. The PRP is injected into the scalp at the area of concern.
Typically 3-6 treatments are performed and each one is done one month apart.
Many times we recommend our patients to add another product called A-cell to
their PRP, which enhances the regenerative product even more.

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