HGH Supplement DO NOT work!

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HGH can be very effective and life changing for some people. A youth renewing process for some that changes processes in the body. We have been told of the great things that HGH can do for us but do the pills, capsules and supplements really work versus HGH Injections?

    • The Bottom Line of HGH Pills and Supplements


Many companies produce these supplements, pills, capsules and sublinguals with the attached claim that they actually work. There is no proof that they work, in fact studies show that they do not work except psychologically and the placebo affect does not last long versus real results. For people seeking real results the best way to get these results is through your doctor. Prescribed amounts are safe because your doctor knows the dosages and strengths you should have and this is a protective way to use HGH.

    • HGH Injections


HGH Injections have been proven to bring great results in patients who use them regularly. Restoration to many areas of the body that have been dormant come alive again in some patients who opt for HGH Injections. This is the only effective way to use HGH so do not believe claims that any other method actually produces results because they do not produce results.



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