The Truth About HGH and Cancer

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The Truth About HGH and Cancer


There is more good news about HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Therapy. Over the years a vast amount of research has accumulated about this regenerative therapy and its potential health benefits. Accordingly, researchers have also explored HGH as a potential cancer causing agent. It is exciting to report that, overwhelmingly, studies show that HGH is a powerful and highly effective treatment in many anti-aging regimes. In over one thousand clinical studies, HGH has shown remarkable results in a variety of treatments. It can promote healthy growth in undersized children. It strengthens bone density in elderly patients and helps HIV and AIDS patients by preventing muscle wasting. HGH therapy can even help in reducing weight, when used properly and under the guidance of a physician. Based on an increasingly impressive body of research, concerns that HGH therapies cause cancer appear unfounded. There has been no evidence proving it is a cancer agent.


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