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Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, has been claimed to do many things that to some of us seem futuristic or at a minimum slightly over the top. And, much of what is claimed belongs to the great mythology surrounding this wonderful and crucially important hormone produced by the brain’s master gland, the Pituitary.

As we age, we know that our natural HGH production diminishes. One of the more famous attributes claimed by advocates of HGH– from personal trainers and their world-class athletes to researchers at some of the finest institutes across the planet– is that HGH is a great stimulator of the libido or sex drive in both men and women.

At first blush, I thought of how irrelevant this was to the interests of a scientist and clinician like me.  But, after over 14 years of treating patients with HGH replacement therapy, I have gradually come to appreciate the potency of HGH’s mystique and the many reasons why I have fallen in love with and become a devoted proponent of this amazing biologic gift.

One morning last Fall, I found on my desk three strongly worded notes from my assistant who asked me to call the wives of three patients each of whose husbands I had just started on programs of HGH six to twelve weeks earlier. I called the assistant and asked if there was a problem. She replied, You just better call them and listen to what they have to say!

I was dumbfounded to learn that there were three potentially very unhappy women out there who seemed to be concerned for some reason about their husbands conditions after starting their courses of HGH replacement therapy. I decided to reach out to them and see for myself exactly what the problem was in each case.

Sheepishly, I telephoned Mrs. Well, for the sake of discretion, personal ethics and my attorney’s nerves, we’ll just call her Mrs. Jones. As soon as she learned it was me the line, she didn’t hesitate to explain that for the past 35 years she and her husband had been happily married, that is until HGH replacement therapy had come into their lives.

Mrs. Jones revealed to me that for the past two decades their sex lives have been markedly reduced to one or two encounters a month, if that, and they had been satisfied with that. Now, she continued, her husband, Herman, waits for the right moment almost daily to propose any kind of sexual encounter and, what was worse in her eyes, at any time of the day. Once, the fool even hid behind the kitchen door to surprise me! she moaned.

To sum it up, Mrs. Jones said, we were just fine with our occasional little get-togethers every month or two. But, now, I feel like I’m living with another man. He calls me sexy in front of the kids, brings me odd gifts such as weird flowers, fattening candies, bracelets! Those are not so bad but Herman is just not the same man I married and, you know what?  It’s all your fault and that crazy hormone replacement of yours!

I was a little embarrassed and apologized that she was so uncomfortable with her husbands youthful transformation. Later, reflecting on what had just happened, I was astounded that someone would complain to me about an increased frequency in sexual encounters!

That was something I had never heard before in over twenty years of practicing medicine.  Finally, I thanked Mrs. Jones for her criticism and promptly asked my nurse to schedule a call with Herman to gather more information on this interesting turn of events.

It wasn’t five minutes before Herman was on the phone. I could hear his laughter and chuckling even before I picked up the receiver.

Well, what a different story I heard from the patient. He stated that not only was he more than delighted to feel younger and stronger, with a much-improved libido, but he also wished that his wife had decided to come with him for a consultation on total hormone replacement therapy.

To calm the situation for both of these good people, I recommended they read Suzanne Somers last two books, Breakthrough and Ageless, which discuss hormone replacement, and asked my assistant to send complementary copies of each to Herman and his wife. Not only was I rather proud of the fact that the celebrity author had mentioned my name in both books but I was hopeful that the lovely actress could possibly help Herman’s wife.

Perhaps they could share a woman-to-woman “chat” through reading the author’s insightful views on re-awakening her own sex drive and on re-discovering how a little piece of heaven is attainable at any age. Indeed, we more are able to show our affection to the one we love through an increased libido and the marvelous intimacy that sex brings into our lives.

As far as the other two wives who had also left messages were concerned, I was delighted to discover that these women were not so unpleasantly surprised by their husbands amorous advances. Rather, they called because I had appeared to neglect them and had NOT placed them on HGH replacement therapy also.

Both women had discovered the Suzanne Somers books themselves. After reading the author’s words and after seeing how active and how remarkably changed both their husbands had become after 12 weeks of HGH therapy, they had decided definitively that they should also be on HGH replacement therapy!   What a relief that was for me!

HGH The Great Aphrodisiac, Copyright © 2011 Alex Martin MD, Los Angeles



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