Hollywood Celebrities Use HGH to Stay Young

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January 06, 2015

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Hollywood an institution that glorifies youth. How cruel to look at a film from twenty years prior and realize how much you have aged. Most of the top roles go to the younger stars and that means a huge loss in income for aging actors. HGH is being used in Hollywood for its anti-aging effect. Officially only a few like Sylvestor Stallone and Keith Richards admit to using it. Stallone started using it for one of his later” Rocky” films. The reasons are endless from seeking more vitality to a bigger muscle mass. Increased libido, fat loss and a general feeling of well being are just some of the other good effects being reported. Suzanne Somers a popular celebrity and self acclaimed fitness guru, researched the benefits of HGH. This along with her healthy food choices and exercise regime is what she feels keeps her youthful. Now in her late sixties she looks forty so the proof is in the pudding so to speak.


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