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Those of us working within the Science of Age Reversal and Genetic Repair have theorized for years about delivery of powerful agents for regeneration directly to damage skin cells.  When the lizard whose tail has been torn off by a hungry cat suddenly starts to grow a new tail, we see first hand the direct effects of what powerful hormonal agents called growth factors can do when released on to opened, bare skin where the lizards tail was once attached.

Researchers across the World, working in Italy, Denmark, the US, Russia and France have suddenly found that by breaking the surface of aging, wrinkled skin with the powerful CO-2 laser, growth factors from ovine stem cells may be applied directly from serum containing these cells and new, immature skin growth can be stimulated to replace the aging, hyper-pigmented, dry skin.

More recently, the CO-2 laser has been re-engineered through fractionation of its powerful beam, thus allowing for tighter control, greater targeting of lesions and a much shorter recovery time. Immediately after the painless laser treatment, ovine stem cells derived from sterilized sheep placenta are carefully applied across the skin of the face. These cells glide across the areas of skin opened by the laser and shorten healing time by as much as FIFTY PERCENT.

Of even greater importance, when Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is present in the microcirculation below the area treated with CO-2 laser and Stem Cells, initial results from studies currently underway demonstrate to us restoration of skin appendages such as pigment, hair, glands and microcirculation has occurred.

Studies are underway now at various sites in both California and New York to further document these initial observations. The only explanation for such findings is that the skin is being rejuvenated and the ravages of time are literally being erased.

In 2011, more cases combining fractional CO-2 laser, stem cells and Human Growth Hormone, are planned for two very large studies in the Los Angeles Area. The first wave of commercial treatments combining these three powerful elements is currently availability in the Hollywood area, and is so new that it does not have FDA approval, but is being performed for members of the entertainment community with very successful results.

In fact, the popularity of this treatment regimen is so great that it is currently difficult to get into the medical clinic doing this procedure, which now has a waiting list of two to four weeks.

For the past 18 years, I have worked with Human Growth Hormone and have been privileged to see the advent of its synthesis in the lab and the evolution of delivery systems making it now available to large segments of our population. Now, with the arrival of Stem Cell Technology coupled with the new fractional CO-2 laser systems, the effect of HGH on regenerating skin is beyond question in this new environment.

I recommend to everyone over the age of forty with changes from overexposure to sunlight and to those younger than forty with excessive damage and premature aging of the skin to consider the 21st Century therapy of Triple Therapy with HGHCO-2 fractional laser and Stem Cell growth factors.

Within three weeks, post-treatment, the skins appearance is that of a healthy young adult. It is remarkable that aging, damaged skin appears much more transparent and smoother again with increased blood flow and nearly complete removal of dark, pigmented stains from ultra violet damage. This is the experience of patient after patient who has decided to take charge of his own repair and rejuvenation.

We are truly living in the beginning of the most exciting epoch of the 21st Century with technologies such as these. When coupled together, the three powerful modalities produce results that we once thought were unattainable.  In fact, the astonishing product of combining CO-2 LaserHuman Growth Hormone and Stem Cell therapies is now a reality, currently being reproduced in study after study across the planet.

If you would like to know more about these interesting innovations in technology or if you have skin problems which embarrass you, please contact us at (323) 285-5300 or come to see us for a complementary appointment at 7080 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 804, in Los Angeles, California 90028

How The Lizard Grew A New Tail:  The Story of CO-2 Laser, Hormones and Stem Cells- The 21st Century Synergy, Copyright © 2011 Alex Martin MD, Los Angeles



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