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Can women take Human Growth Hormone? Yes, they certainly can. And as HGH becomes more and more affordable to the average person, thousands of women are purchasing HGH programs. But there is still a lot of confusion as to whether HGH can benefit women as much it benefits men.

One of the reasons women have been apprehensive to start an HGH cycle is the mistaken belief that HGH is a “steroid.” In truth, HGH and steroids are completely different. Whereas steroids come along with  slieu of side effects, HGH has no real undesirable side effects and produces a much broader scope of effects.

Women who use HGH should notice the following changes:
1. Loss of body fat and increase in lean body mass. As we age beyond 35, our natural reserves of HGH dry up, and as a result our muscles begin turning into fat. But with the introduction of HGH, this trend is reversed. With HGH it becomes much easier to burn off calories and loose weight in those trouble areas like the lower abdomen and thighs.

2. An increase in energy. Human Growth Hormone provides us with much needed energy that lasts and lasts. Many female HGH users say that they feel as peppy and motivated as they did when they were in their twenties.

3. An increase in libido. Just like with men, women can expect to see an increase in their sex drive. This can benefit marriages as sex often takes the backseat to work and other activities. Couples who pursue HGH therapy are often amazed at how passionate their lovemaking becomes.

4. Improvement in hair, nail and skin quality. HGH is a vital hormone and its effects are widereaching. The cosmetic effects of HGH are often overlooked, but they are very real. Users of HGH report having thicker, more transluscent hair, stronger nails and more youthful looking skin.

HGH benefits women just as much as it benefits men. Often heralded as “the fountain of youth,” Human Growth Hormone can keep us looking and feeling twenty years younger than we really are. For women, this means that the aging process doesn’t have to seem so scary. With HGH, there is no reason to cease feeling vivacious and young.



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