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Hello, I’m Dr. Alex Martin coming to you from Hollywood, California. Today, I would like to answer some of your questions. The most important of which is the question, “Is HGH legal?”

The recent scandals in the world of sports regarding performance enhancing hormones and supplement treatments have brought to the surface this question, “Is HGH legal?” The answer to that question is yes, it is. HGH is legal and it is a hormone that is safely used and it’s widely used, and when supervised under medical care can give to the patient much, much needed assistance from his problems.

So the answer is that HGH is directed toward certain causes and certain conditions. Causes of diseases such as the individuals who have wounds that need to be healed that are not healing, we can use HGH to heal those wounds, especially muscles and tendons.

So, in the world of orthopedics, we know that HGH is now coming to us as an adjunct to wound healing. Also for very short children. Many pediatricians have sent children to us who are below the 50th percentile. These children, when administered properly HGH, do show increase in their growth rate and the curve puts them frequently above the 50th percentile. We feel that this is very successful and a proper application of HGH.
In our patients who are suffering from chronic disease, like HIV and wasting, we know that HGH is very appropriately used to reduce the amount of wasting. It increases muscle mass, also helps with appetite and it helps redistribute body fat so that individuals with chronic illness tend to perform and look better.

More importantly among seniors, we know that HGH is being widely used to allow seniors to continue to be self-reliant, independent and free of having a caregiver. These are seniors show more intense activity, they are able to sustain exercise programs longer and they’re more free of having to have a caregiver.

So we know that there are many, many uses for HGH besides being an adjunct to sports enhancement and performance enhancement. So the short answer to your question is yes, HGH is legal but it should be utilized under the supervision of a medical professional. Thank you and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or come and see us for a complementary consultation in Hollywood.

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