Brentwood based HGH Therapy at MetroMD.

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Human growth hormone (HGH) is a complex protein naturally produced by your pituitary gland near the brain. This protein directly controls the metabolic rate of cells to reproduce and repair cells, primarily to maintain a healthy body. It also helps advance childhood growth, while continuing to provide healthy function to your heart, organs, tissues, muscles, and bones throughout the entirety of your life. HGH is instrumental in repairing the body and leading a healthy life. Most individuals are unaware that they may be suffering from an HGH deficiency. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of low HGH production: Muscle weakness in extremities Fat accumulation in the midriff region Osteoporosis Fatigue, depression, or difficulty concentrating Loss of libido (decrease in sex drive) Poor wound healing Hair loss Broken or weak nails Dry and brittle skin At MetroMD our team takes time to understand an individual’s needs before prescribing HGH. This includes a comprehensive consult and blood test. Once our team determines your eligibility our doctors will prescribe you a specific dosage along with a tailored lifestyle plan to improve your overall diet and health so the HGH can have the most valuable effects. To schedule your consultation today call us at 323-285-5300!

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