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At MetroMD we are dedicated to offering our patients a systematic and effective approach to wellness. This entails setting them up for a healthy and successful lifestyle outside of our office. As a center for regenerative medicine, we know that change has to come from within and changing only one aspect or variable of an individuals health will not encompass the maximum benefits they can get. Medical treatments and advice must be put into practice this means eating clean, exercising and tracking your health goals. This year we want to help all of our patients to obtain the highest level of care possible. To do this we are working with local partners who can help advance our mission of providing a natural approach to medicine. Our team at MetroMD has partnered with Phlexx an online virtual personal training platform that provides clients with individualized workouts. We want to ensure our patients have access to all the resources they need in order to live their healthiest life that’s why we are offering all MetroMD patients 25% off any services or personal training at Phlexx! Use the code: metromd Phlexx Online Training!

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